Most of my friends always ask me, how is it being a teen escort in London? I always reply, “it is fun.” I have now been an escort in London for about a year, and just like any other career, I have had my high and low moments. Today I will share both the good, then bad, and the ugly as a teen escort in London.

Before I share my experience as an escort, let me first share a short bio about myself. I was born and raised in London. My parents are originally from Italy but moved to London two years before I was born.

I was always a quiet girl while at school. In fact, my classmates used to call me an introvert because I did not talk a lot. Since I was young, I was a thick girl, which affected my self-esteem because of constant body shaming from my peers. That is the reason why I was so quiet in school. I did not want to associate myself with anything that put me in the spotlight. Fortunately, my parents and close friends were very supportive.

I used to wear oversized clothes to hide my body. Immediately after graduating from high school, one of my close friends invited me to her birthday party. I did not want to go, but the close relationship with her and a little persuasion from my mom made me change my mind. But as usual, I wore my oversized clothes to hide my body.

While at the birthday party, I met another lady who was surprised by my weird outfit. She asked me why I wore oversize clothes, yet I had a stunning curvy body. I have to admit that that was not the first time someone told me that I have a great figure, but frequent bullying and body shaming from my peers made me believed that I was not beautiful. To cut a long story short, we exchanged contacts with the lady and became very good friends. She helped me rebuilt my confidence and appreciated my body.

I started my career as an escort in London about a year after graduating from high school. Of course, you may ask why I choose to become an escort. I decided to become a London escort because I have always wanted to be one. I love having fun and interacting with people, and escort is the career that suits my lifestyle and personality. The body that I was ashamed of, many years has become a key selling point. I am a thick, busty, and curvy teen, which has me stand out above the rest.

But my career as a London escort was not easy. I faced many challenges when I was starting, including being underpaid and being booked by abusive clients. But things changed when I got signed up by a reputable London agency. Today clients who book me are not only respectful and friendly, but they also pay me well. I also get unwavering support from my agency. For girls who want to join this industry, I recommend them to join a reputable escort agency.

I am a fun person, and always love to make my clients happy. When you book me, I assure you that you will enjoy every minute you spend with me. Whether you want someone to keep you company, someone to show you around this great city, or some to have wild moments with, you won’t regret it if you choose me.