1hr from: £150
2nd hr from: £130
Half hr from: £100
Overnight: £1200 (7 hours)

The current version of an individual is a reflection of the experiences and personality. Nevertheless, personality can be shaped by their experiences. Therefore, an interaction between two people is a meeting of two sets of experiences in life.

Daisy is a member of the escort team at the London Red Light, the only organization mandated with representing the individual on professional grounds. Daisy is a classy escort with oozing charm and allure. She is playful too. Her sexy body is a reflection of her past runway modelling career.

Daisy offers her services at different charges. For the first hour, her services cost 150 pounds. The second hour costs 130 pounds while half an hour beyond the second hour costs 100 pounds each. Furthermore, she offers overnight services at a rate of 1200 pounds per seven hours. 

PS: Daisy is an elite escort and an important member of the team at London Red Light. Her services re always on demand hence requiring clients to pre-book her services to avoid confusion.